Clasp • Be brilliant with your money
Let’s get better. Together.
Clasp is the only financial wellness platform based on a powerful combination of financial behaviors, self-reflection, and expert coaching.
“Clasp can help you make sense of how you feel about money,
your emotional triggers, and your most influential financial role models — all necessary pre-work to help you think more critically about how to match your money with your values.”
“When you drill down on what freedom means, for many it means spontaneity... For example ‘I can spontaneously go on a trip across the world’ or ‘I can spontaneously go out and study something in higher education.’”
What makes Clasp Different
Money Mindfulness
Understand yourself and discover the emotional patterns that affect your finances.
Small Habits
Small change creates big results. Make meaningful progress towards larger goals.
Expert Coaching
Find someone who gives you the encouragement you need, and the accountability to succeed.
Our Story

From experience comes focus, and kinship springs from unexpected corners of life. Both of us experienced financial volatility during childhood and adulthood; every good habit came at the cost of a tough lesson we had to learn on our own. We don't let the past define us —in fact, it drove us to build a company with both smarts and heart.